Project Management

By applying our knowledge and experience, our team is committed to helping businesses and organizations reach their full potential. Our areas of expertise are strategy, finance, IT and sustainability.



Our service in strategy entails management and strategy consulting. With management consulting navigating day to day operations, doing research and market analysis and focusing on the organizational design. Alongside, strategy consulting provides a more general approach such as business model design, product and service conceptualization, process optimization, innovation and change management, marketing and strategic foresight and planning.



Our financial service includes business finance, corporate finance, investments and risk management. Business finance entails day to day business and management of the company’s finances,  controlling, accounting and reporting. Our corporate finance approach aims at capital management, budgeting and liquidity, financial analysis and modeling as well as financial forecast.





Our IT service contains first and second tier support, planning and implementing network infrastructures, telephone and security installations as well as upgrades to existing technology systems in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance. This requires a deep understanding of both the client's business needs and the technology solutions available to meet those needs.



Our methodology is to address complex environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world today. We aim to set a framework to help organizations achieve long-term sustainability while also benefiting their business model and reputation. Moreover, creating a narrative that strengthens resource efficiency, viable product design and strong community engagement in a circular economy is a core value of Estrach & Jung Consulting.